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10 More Reasons You'll Love Our  Service     
              "Well okay, there's 11!"

1. You'll get the Best Warranty around, a Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on every part installed!

2. You'll get an exact appointment time, Not "I'll be there sometime next week."

3. Our fully stocked truck means more calls completed on the 1st trip.

4. You'll get over 19 years professional experience on every repair.

5. I'll wear booties in your home to keep your carpets fresh and clean.  

6. Up Front Pricing-We charge by the job not by the hour.

7. All work is completed by the Owner, giving you unbeatable service every time!  

8. We continually receive advanced training to keep abreast of new technology.

9. When you call us, you won't see a tech you are afraid to let in the door-We are always clean cut and professionally dressed, delivering the kind of service you've come to expect from us!

10. When you call us, you'll
get it done right the first time!

We ONLY install maufacturer's recomended parts. NO knockoffs, NO aftermarket, NO generic, NO used or reconditioned parts EVER!

We proudly service the following brands:
  • Whirlpool 
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag 
  • G.E. 
  • Kitchenaid
  • Amana
  • Frigidaire
  • Hot Point
  • Magic Chef 
  • Roper
  • Crosley            
  • Jenn-Air
  • L.G.
  • Samsung
  • All Other Major Brands
  • Garbage Disposals


Call Jerad and let him lay out the red carpet for you today... 356-0277 or 528-9555

Proudly providing 5-Star Appliance Repair Services to the areas of Idaho Falls, Shelley, Rigby, Rexburg, St. Anthony, Newdale, Teton, and everywhere in between!

Our Money Back Guarantee

We partner with our customers on every repair.

If we fix an appliance and it breaks down again during our ninety day warranty period, we’ll return for free and determine the cause of the problem. If the breakdown has anything to do with the original repair, we’ll fix it for free!

If the machine has another problem, we’ll treat the repair as if we had diagnosed both problems at the same time and price it accordingly. You pay the same amount had we made the complete diagnosis on the first trip to your house. If the machine is not worth spending any additional money on, we’ll give you back the original repair cost, less the regular service charge.

You can’t lose. We really do put our money where our mouth is! You’ll feel just like one of the family!

For questions about our Money Back Guarantee or to schedule a service appointment, call us TODAY at

Repair Vs. Replace

We consider three things in determining if your appliance is worth repairing or not:

  • The physical condition Is the machine in decent physical shape, free of rust and corrosion?
  • The mechanical condition Has the machine been running smoothly for you without any leaks, unusual noises, strong odors and the like?    
  • Will the cost of the repair extend the life of the appliance 2–4 years? Will it last 2–4 years after we fix it?

We also consider the following:

  • Is the machine in decent shape, free of rust and corrosion?
  • Has the machine been running smoothly for you without any leaks, unusual noises, strong odors and the like?
  • Is the repair price less than half the price of a new appliance with similar features?

If the machine is in good shape, physically and mechanically, the repair is less then half the replacement amount and it would give 2–4 years worth of additional service we would recommend making the repairs.

Charging Policy

We charge a flat, fixed price to come out to your home and diagnose the problem with your broken appliance. Our technician will explain the reason for the needed repair. He’ll quote you a flat, fixed price taken right out of the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide (MASPG), the “blue book” in the appliance industry, and he’ll tell you if he thinks it is worth repairing or not!

Why Do We Charge a Diagnostic Fee?

No one likes to pay diagnostic charges. We understand it is frustrating to hear that we need to charge for the time it takes to determine the cause and correction of your appliance problem to even give you an honest, accurate quote for the repair. We do not make any profit on what we charge for the Diagnostic/Service Charge. We only make money on completed repairs!

We spend roughly 50% of our total available time diagnosing appliance problems, and the expense of keeping abreast of rapidly changing technology, specialized tools and equipment, and the amount of time it takes to correctly diagnose todays increasingly complex appliances represents major overhead.

Some appliance problems are more straightforward, while others are more complex, may only appear under certain conditions, only appear intermittently, or may be caused by multiple interacting systems. The time has passed when someone with basic knowledge and a few tools can properly diagnose or repair your appliances.

Todays highly computerized, increasingly complex appliances require the knowledge of highly trained and experienced technicians. Difficult problems often require more time to complete the diagnosis than is needed for the repair. Maintaining the expertise and knowledge required, and keeping abreast of todays rapidly changing technology is expensive. Not to mention the costs involved with keeping fully-stocked service vans on the road, available exactly when you need us, on a schedule that works for you.

As stated earlier, we do not make any profit when we collect the Diagnostic/Service Fee. This simply covers a portion of the costs associated with sending a trained, fully equipped professional to your home and having him spend as much time as needed to correctly diagnose your problem and determine the best course of action needed to provide economical, accurate, and lasting repairs.

Not billing for diagnostic time would quickly force us to change our professional methods. We prefer to stay well equipped, well educated, capable and honest, and to charge for the time our appliance experts spend in your home in a way that is as fair and honest as possible.

Some companies charge a higher Diagnostic Fee than we do, some companies charge a little less. We try to keep our base Diagnostic Fee as low as possible and still be able to provide you with the level of service and expertise you have come to expect from Littlefield Appliance.

We hope you now have a feel for why a Diagnostic/Service Fee is both necessary and a value to our clients. If you ever have any questions about diagnostic charges or any other subject, please feel free to call or e-mail us!

Everybody's Talkin' About Littlefield Appliance!

Be Sure to visit our popular customer Feedback page to  see what folks are saying about our speedy, expert Appliance Repair Service, as well as our Duct Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping  and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services!

"Thank you for your prompt work"
Miller Apt's Rexburg

"Thank you so much for working with us, to get our appliances fixed"
Rebecca L. Iona

"Thank you for prompt, efficient service. Grateful to be able to make bread today because you had the unit I needed in your van."
Florence B. Rexburg

"I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly you were able to fit us in! Our
dishwasher works great now. I'm glad to know who to call when we need repairs now. Thank you!"
Eric E. St. Anthony

"Super Service!  Thanks,"
Glenn W. Rigby

"I appreciated the good service for my dryer -- I'll be calling again."
Carolyn D. Idaho Falls

"We loved that the service was fast and that the parts were available the day
you came out. I had my dryer working the minute you left our house and I love that."
Linda D. Idaho Falls
"I called Sears first and asked when they could come take a look at my fridge that wasn't working and they said it would be 4 days!  I called you, and you came out in 20 minutes! You had my fridge diagnosed, part ordered, and fixed 2 days before Sears
said they could send someone to just take a look at it!!!  Thanks so much!!!"
Jenny B. Rexburg

"I appreciate calling and receiving quick, efficient service. I've had to call three times this year for three different appliances and each time the response was same-day. I also appreciate that you are careful not to make a mess or mark up the carpet. Thank you"
Nancy T. Rexburg

"Jerad was not only prompt but also efficient. He arrived on time and finished the job faster than anticipated."
Curtis & Annette T. Idaho Falls

"We appreciated your prompt service on our electric stove. You even finished the repair the same day."
Thank you,
Fred & Marjorie B. Rexburg

"Very impressed with the service and how well my dishwasher works now."
James B. Idaho Falls

Our washer broke about a month ago. We called Littlefield and within a couple hours I was doing laundry again! Unfortunatly our washer broke again, we called Littlefield and found out it was the transmission, but since the part we bought the previous month was under warranty, we were given a refund.  Littlefield does great work,
fast service, excellent character and customer service. Thank you so much, I will
continue to call you and recommend you to anyone who needs an appliance serviced!
Sharla T, Idaho Falls

I was very pleased with the service. I called one morning and would have had an appointment the same day, but I was busy.  The next morning you were right on time and
cleaned my dryer vent in a timely manner. The price estimate was also right on. I feel that Littlefield Appliance is very honest and friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to call again
or recommend them to friends.  Thank you!
JeriLyn O., Rexburg

We appreciated that you were willing to come up un a Saturday. we were pretty
stessed out. You were also flexible to meet our schedule on the repair. Thanks so much.
Oliver R., Idaho Falls

Our Washer went down at the worst possible time. Littlefield Appliance came the same day we called and they fixed everything in the same visit. Very affordable and convenient. Great Service!
William W., Idaho Falls

I have had Jerad here to service my washing machine twice, and was very satisfied. he was very prompt and pleasant. If I need appliance work in the future, he is my #1 choice. I would highly recommend Littlefield Appliance to my family and friends!
Karen C. , Idaho Falls, Id